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Kunitachi Kids International School

Welcome to all of the children whose parents think about the importance of English and international education!

We run our school based on the ideal to provide the best circumstances for English education, lots of learning activities including sports, music and art for all of our children during the past five years.

Recently, not only Japanese students but also non-Japanese students have applied for entry because of the excellent curriculum and system of reporting progress based on individual achievements.
We are very proud of this.

We also thank all of our parents for their positive remarks about our school's education.
We always try to introduce new methods of activities for our precious children in order to develop greater thinking skills through fun.

Our parents' opinions are always welcome to improve our school's curriculum for the better.

We would like to teach the importance of respect for others and for different cultures, co-operation and challenging the mind because nothing is impossible.

Parents who think positively about education help to foster the strong relationship which ties the families and our school together, making great dreams for every child possible.

Our education ideals

1)To bring our children up as people who can think and solve problems by themselves. By this, we mean to develop their ability to rely on themselves in the future as adults.

2)To bring our children up as people who can communicate with respect and understanding for all nationalities and cultures worldwide.
Create independent people

The ability to think and act independently is a great asset in the world today.

By cultivating this aspect during childhood, children will be better able to adapt and take actions by themselves improving over time.

By allowing and praising children for taking action on situations that appear or thinking their way through a problem without the teacher giving the answer, will strengthen their skills and allow them to develop into better skilled adults.

Create international minded people

We strive to mold all of our children to become respectful, contributing members of worldwide society by enjoying their work in the future. The largest challenge for us is to develop this potential during childhood. This challenge is to provide safe and fun activities through a positive international environment.

Create team oriented people

Every person has their strengths and weaknesses, their successes and failings. By understanding and respecting these differences, the children will learn to compliment each other for the betterment of themselves, their group and the world.

Create trusting people

We would like to teach all of our children the importance of trusting others. By the sharing of toys during show and tell or materials during arts and crafts projects with other classmates, we can show them the effect that their trust has made in someone else's life in a positive manner.

Our education environment

The environment and circumstances we offer helps all of our children understand the differences of each culture naturally. Currently there are over 80 students from 7 countries.
In our kindergarten division, 40% of our children are of non-Japanese nationality. Not only attaining English ability but also understanding and enjoying different cultures and ways of thought are our goals in order to mould our children into worldwide citizens.

Respect for children's human rights in the business society, to respect and evaluate others is very important. Every child should be treated as an individual, but this is not the same as spoiling a child. Sometimes adults need to scold children, but we should always explain the reason why their actions were improper in order for them to learn from their mistakes properly..
Choices are given to every child

Some parents and guardians tend to give their child many instructions for everything, which will spoil their child if there is no chance to select or choose anything by them. They will become people who cannot decide anything by themselves. These types of decisive less people will not be able to function properly in the future world. We would like to offer the time and the place for them to play and learn with their choices and ideas.
All teachers and staff become entertainers at school

To entertain the children is one of our eternal tasks. Learning with fun is very important in life, it is the most effective way to learn anything.

Great lunch time is provided

Lunch time is one of the most important times in our school. It is also a great communication opportunity for our children. We cook organic vegetables with pure water in order to try to provide a variety menu which is well-balanced for the body with a delicious taste. Whenever children say 'More food, please.', we are always happy to hear it from them. Our lunch is always provided by our professional cooking staff.

We request all of our families' co-operation

Discipline should basically be done at home

We think discipline is the most important duty for each family, not our school. We would like to offer a lot of learning opportunities like studies, sports, arts and music for all of our students. Please take time to ensure that your child is well-behaved so that they do not lose out on any opportunities due to disciplinary action taken.
Please manage and care for your child's health

Please make your child stay at home whenever he/she has a fever, running nose, eye problem, etc.
In those cases, you should send your child to see a doctor and he/she should refrain from coming to school.
Please examine your child's health conditions carefully in order to keep our students healthy.
Keep open lines of communication

Please stay involved in the personal and educational development of your child.
If an abnormal situation arises at home, please inform us so that we can take actions to accommodate him/her.
Both the families and our school have a vested interest in the development of our children, so let's work together as much as possible for their sake.


〒186-0003 東京都国立市富士見台4-10-6

4-10-6 Fujimidai, Kunitachi-city, Tokyo, Japan, 186-0003

TEL/FAX : 042-577-7781

website : http://www.kunitachikids.com

e-mail : school@kunitachikids.com




〒186-0003 東京都国立市富士見台4-10-6


4-10-6 Fujimidai, Kunitachi-city, Tokyo, Japan, 186-0003

TEL/FAX : 042-577-7781

website : http://www.kunitachikids.com

e-mail : school@kunitachikids.com






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