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Chiba University was established as a national university in 1949.
Currently (May 2001), Chiba University is made up of educational and research facilities in addition to its nine faculties and seven graduate schools, and even among those national universities with a faculty of 2,515 and a student body of 15,358, Chiba University has truly become a great university offering a broad range of studies.
Moreover, there are 697 international students hailing from 58 nations (including two regions), the majority from Asia, who are diligently pursuing their studies at Chiba University.
It is the aim of this prospectus to present the minimum information required for foreign students wishing to enter Chiba University.
We request those wishing to know more about the information presented in this booklet to direct inquires to the faculty or graduate school you wish to enter.
As the classes are conducted in Japanese except J-PAC, we request that you consider this point fully, and impress upon you the need to obtain proficiency in the Japanese language before entry.

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Chiba University
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